Location: Gustavia, St Barths

Today is our last day in St Barths, and it is surely one to remember. While some of us had a fun dive and some finished receiving our diving certifications for advanced diving, the rescue divers had a much more interesting take on their morning. The rescue divers set out on their dive with one goal in mind. Find a weight belt with a specific color weight for their buddy team. Some buddy teams found theirs much quicker than others. This, however, this was not down to the search patterns they utilized as all buddy teams implemented a correct search pattern, and no one got too lost. Buddy teams could use either an expanding square or U-shaped search pattern to cover the dive site.

After a full morning of diving, things slowed down in the afternoon with our Oceanography class and Seamanship class, where we continued to work on our navigational skills with the maps. In navigation class, we are learning how to counter for the effects of currents on the boat’s position, known as the set and drift. This evening is providing our last chance to wander aimlessly around St Barths. There is even live music playing on the dock.