Location: Gustavia, St. Barths


Today Was very simple and relaxing. We went to the beach and surfed, kayaked, and skim boarded. Here are the details:

1) I woke up at 6:30 am and spent the first half-hour of my morning drinking coffee on the bowsprit, enjoying the rare silence of Ocean Star

2) I woke everybody up individually and quietly at 7:00 am

3) I drank more coffee on the bowsprit until breakfast

4) I ate one bowl of granola and two pieces of french toast

5) Went to a beach to go surf. The guys were supposed to have things ready at 10:00 am but delayed us until noon

6) walked to a bakery 20 minutes away with Amy, Michael, Owen, and Eric.

7) Drank one espresso and ate one croissant and one brownie.

8) Lost Amy and went to the grocery store for more food. Purchased smoked salmon, four very large oranges, three french biscuits with chocolate on them (Their name escapes me, but my lovely mother has a poster of the packaging on our wall at home, it is a boy holding a basket eating said biscuit), and one box of cherry tomatoes. Ate some of that food on the side of the road.

9.1) Walked back to the beach at noon and found crew and friends swimming in the ocean.

9.2) Took matching pants photo

10) Obtained five surfboards, one stand-up paddleboard, one skimboard, and one double kayak.

11) Watched friends paddle out and attempt to surf.

12) Took a double kayak out with Amy and somehow managed to surf a wave. By surf a wave, I meant sent a wave. By sent a wave, I mean the wave sent us

13) Got rained on

14) Drank 1 cup of espresso and ate a salad.

15) Very lazily lounged in peace with all the friends in the salon

16) Ate dinner

17) Got Cursed because the tortoise never made it to the BVI ( See the previous post)

18) Attempted to win Steve’s trust as I wrote this blog

19) Did some paperwork

20) Now going to find icecream

The End