Location: Gustavia, St. Barths

The day began like so many others, with wake-ups, many of the ship’s mates were already up getting started with the day, but a few stragglers remained in bunks. After the wake up the crew were treated to a delightful breakfast of french toast…….now, this is honestly where the day kind of ended for a large part as the shipmates were let loose for a large amount of free time till late afternoon. I assume many of the shipmates explored the fancy apparel of the local shops, some others maybe went and explored the local beaches, honestly, I have no idea so instead, I will make up some scenarios of what I think they got up to:-

Graydon and Brandon decided to start a dog parlor business catering to the many little foo-foo dogs around the area, they were doing well until they got the cut wrong on a local ladies poodle and now live in disgrace on the island.

Eliza and Mariah decided to become tourist agents, however being the offseason and also only just getting here themselves they realized they didn’t know what was happening.

Trey, Evan, and Cullen decided to crash the local college prom. Unfortunately, they were soon discovered by the locals and have now been enrolled in an intense french program at the college.

Sage, Bella, and Lina decided to try sport fishing in free time; however after snagging a 1000lb tuna, it proved too strong for all three of them, they now live happily with the tuna roaming around the seas.

Michael, Eric, and Carter decided to give tortoise racing a go, however 4 hours into the first race and the tortoises having only moved about 2 inches the local gamblers turned on the three and they’re currently on the run after having the operation shut down.

Peyton and Owen decided to try and attract a couple of local ladies; sadly, they were rejected.

This is where the day kicks back into normal circumstances. After the various adventures, the shipmates returned from the adventures above they got on with some navigation classes with Tom in seamanship, before being treated to a wonderful dinner. After dinner, the shipmates were let loose on the extravagant nightlife of St. Barths of upmarket bars and restaurants.

Also, I always feel its good to give some context for the pictures:-

Picture 1 – The winner of the Tortoise race
Picture 2 – Some fun rocks
Picture 3 – A picturesque beach
Picture 4 – Why you should always book a hotel on the leeward side of an island

I do hope you’ve enjoyed the read.


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