Location: Gustavia, St Barths

The morning after any overnight voyage, it always takes us a bit longer to wake up to the world around us truly. We bump into each other and take extra time making our coffee and varieties of tea. After officially docking, Brandon jumped off the boat and, speaking for all of us, announced that he was glad to be back in France. Even from the dock, we were able to tell that St. Barths was a little bit different from the rest of the islands we have visited. Our eyes almost didn’t recognize the Louis Vuitton and Cartier stores. We felt very out of place in clothes that we may or may not have dug ours from the bottom of our laundry. We then spent the afternoon scrubbing and tidying up the ship. After showering and feeling beyond grateful for the existence of soap, we were then graced with a delicious dinner of chicken and broccoli. During that time, Steve heroically fixed my fan. Thank you, Steve. You’re the best human being ever to have existed. After that, we all were blessed with Tom’s extraordinary patience in his teaching while we worked on our navigation skills for our Seamanship course. It was a nice and slower day, a time for us to be grateful for little joys, like coffee after a long night and the smell of clean sheets.
PS: Happy late birthday lily