Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Mmmmm, pancakes! Always a delight to wake up to. A normal wake-up ensued at 7:00 with a breakfast of fresh-cut pineapple and papaya to go along with our cakes. After breakfast, more rescue diving training followed with focus on the recovery of panicked divers, unconscious divers and using our compasses on our SPG’s to navigate. After our morning diving, many of us students crammed and worked with urgency on our Literature Review Papers. A delicious and light lunch of Caesar salad wraps followed. After lunch, we made our way out of Nelson’s Dockyard into town on foot to go to the local sailing school. We were then given a briefing about the various parts of the dingy sailboats we would be using, thanks to Brandon’s pre-existing knowledge and experience! We launched our boats off of the slip in two per boat. It was all smooth sailing in the relatively calm bay as we got used to the feel and function each boat. Then, a rampant compilation of boats flipping struck our group as individuals flew out of boats with all laughter and smiles. Around the time we started going back, a brief squall came out of nowhere, bringing rain and more winds. After the group got back to the Ocean Star, we began preparations to make our way to St. Barths! We hope the passage will be great as we will arrive sometime tomorrow morning.