Location: 32.48.2E 14.10.1S

Today was the first full day of being on our passage. One of the watch teams watched the sunrise while everyone else woke up to the sight of an endless ocean surrounding us. For many, it was the first time we’d never seen land. Realizing Argo was the only visible thing above water for as far as the eye could see was an intimidating feeling. However, we all felt confident in one another’s capabilities enough to feel safe.

Being only our second day out on the water, it was no surprise that some of us were still feeling seasick. Living on a sailboat is a major adjustment that takes time to adapt to. Watch teams got soaked by sea spray, but everyone said it was worth it to see the stars. Meanwhile, those under the deck were being tossed against the walls by the rocking of the boat. Although this wasn’t too pleasant, it was necessary for us to learn the right places to grab onto for safety. I didn’t realize the reality of the rocking until I flew out of my bunk. It was painful, but it is definitely something I will look back and laugh at.

Making way created new challenges, especially for each of us, while we completed jobs after each meal. A once easy task became harder as we had to clean dishes while the boat rocked. Buckets and plates slid across the deck, teaching us the importance of quick reflexes. As seen in one of the photos, Rob was busy smashing the trash so that we could compress it all together and conserve trash during our crossing. Other people were feeling a little too sick to get their work done. Thankfully everyone on Argo watches out for each other, meaning that we can always get the job done.

Today was also the first time we had class while making way. Everyone was either exhausted from watch or feeling a bit under the weather. It was challenging to focus while the boat was constantly moving. This was probably the first time any of us started to appreciate normal classroom lecture settings back at home. We were all able to stick it out for class as we have been doing since we left Cape Town. The first few days are rough, but everyone seems to be persevering. None of us would reach our goals if it was easy. We’re cultivating courage in ourselves and one another on this crossing so far.