Location: 25 44.463'N 017 33.033'W

Greetings, land lovers! The first full day of our Atlantic crossing went quite smoothly, minus wake-ups. My job of going cabin to cabin to get everyone for lunch was stolen from me by our lovely galley smoke detectors and the incredibly loud fire alarm. Within what Freddie said was not good timing, everyone was in the cockpit carrying lifejackets and Gumby suits. Once everyone put away their life-saving equipment, we ate a wonderful meal made by Savanna, Henry, and Celia. After cleanup, we went straight into our Marine Biology test, which was followed by Oceanography, where we learned about how hurricanes and cyclones are formed and the differences between the two.

After class, some people caught up on sleep, work, or helped out with some sail changes, which included a controlled gybe. Also, turns out we are right in the middle of a trans-Atlantic sailing race, which by the way, we are winning. After our downtime, we all mustered in the cockpit for dinner and caught the simple and pretty sunset. After dinner, I asked for my squeeze question what everyone took for granted or underappreciated before experiencing life at sea. With many funny and very true answers, we went into cleanup, and with that, the day was already over. From 25 44.463’N 017 33.033’W in the Atlantic ocean, Akiva out.

Hey Mom, Dad, Yael, Rosa, Mary, Sandra, and everyone else, sending my love to you all.
P.S. Say hi to Reggie for me.

Photo 1: Savanna and Henry skulling a soda
Photo 2: Sunset Sail handling
Photo 3: Clara, Garrett, Joe, James, and Kendra sweating the mainsail up


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