Location: 27 50.8'N 016 23.0'W

Today we started
What we’ll finish in three weeks
Blue skies, blue seas ahead

Yesterday we bought
Twelve carts of food for cooking
Fridge is very full

Passage prep is done
Booms topped, lines run, and sails flaked
Eat lunch and then leave

Our time in Europe
Comes to a blustery close
Caribbean next

If a storm hits us
It’s batton down the hatches
She will see us through

“That would be so sick!”
“You will whistle up the wind”
“You don’t believe that!”

It is dinner time
Forty knots consistent wind
Reefing in the main

Sliding across decks
Water breaks over the bow
We’re soaked to the bone

Some seasick shipmates
Face the power of the sea
And come out on top

Dinner down below
Falafel and pita bread
Sit in soaked silence

It is Jack’s birthday
We feast on brownies and cake
Dessert above all

Photo 1:
Walk to the police
To clear the EU customs
Impromptu nap time

Photo 2:
Leaving Tenerife
The sun brushes the island
Calm before the storm

Photo 3:
Wind begins to swell
Man, we are really cooking
No time for photos


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