Location: The Marina, Tenerife

Today was the big passage prep day. Everyone had jobs to do, and we did em. Scrub the deck, polish the steel, clean out the fridge, clean the entire boat, every inch. We all cleaned our bunks. The side of the hull got a scrub too. And we filled the tanks with plenty of water! Sir Frederick praised our efforts, and the galley team delivered a great meal of baked potatoes and bacon, mushrooms, chicken, and more to end the day. For squeeze, I asked what everyone’s strongest emotion was towards the crossing. Many are excited. Many said ready. Grace was nervous, only just a little nervous, the good type of nervous. There were a ton of laughs at the squeeze. Everyone was delirious, and so words were hard? Sentences were too much to ask from some.

Prep Report:
We sent our best and biggest man Joe down into the tiniest spaces today. He reports having a battle in the laz with some rushing water. Big Garrett went up the mast. Nothing to report on whether he has come down. Nobody fell in the marina. There is talk of eating Joe on passage. The route has been charted. Our food hero Dylan is on his way back with the biggest grocery receipt ever seen, and we will have to put his haul away. I am expecting multiple taxis and a police escort for the food. The Bean City census was taken last night, and the mayor (me) is expecting to receive an influx of new residents, and there is not enough housing to accommodate. Just before dinner, our sheets and blankets arrived. The emergency companionway to the cabins became a bomb-dropping zone. Large black trash bags rained down from above.

Sir Frederick needs to do important stuff with the computer, so goodbye for now.

Signed, A seaman, I won’t say which seaman.


1: Joe giving a sermon to his disciples. I worry his fanatic followers will make him their Lord of the Flies.
2. Garrett the younger at dinner last night. The people of Tenerife will surely miss his smiling face
3. Our final destination. Harbor in St. Vincent. As seen at the top, we will sail 2,852 nautical miles across the 2nd largest, oldest, and deepest ocean
4. Bean city census underway. Vice Mayor Grace’s political skill. The citizens appreciate her loving rule.
5. Garrett the elder becoming a part of the mast. We pass him up food.
6. Arden has had enough of Grace. Into the fridge with you


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