Location: Punta del Hidalgo, Tenerife

Today was our hike/adventure day!! Most of us got up for a bus at nine (a few people stayed behind to relax). We bussed up the mountains until we reached an area called the Enchanted Forest. Our hike began! After the chaos of the first hike, where everyone got separated and lost, Leonie decided that we would meet at each of the three towns on the trail. The port side three-stack was off to an early head start (only because I had to go to the bathroom). I ran to catch up, but one thing we hadnt accounted for was that there was a fork in the trail with one of the three towns on the right side of the loop (see photos 1 and 2). Naturally, I went that way, everyone else went left, and I sat in that town for thirty minutes until this old lady kicked me out. I dont know any Spanish, but she mimed skedaddle pretty effectively!

I spent the rest of the time jogging to catch up, which turned into a sprint when I saw the waves at the coast (unfortunately, there were no boards to be had). Some people took bets on whether or not Id get in the freezing water. Lucky for some of them, I got in for a solid forty minutes. Everyone found each other in the end, and the separation meant that everyone all had really fun stories to share. This hike was especially cool because we went from the top of the mountains down to the coast, which contained at least three separate microclimates! At the top, it was this dense, misty, jungle-y forest that was really quiet and etherial (see photo 5). Next came Scotland-style rainy fields and less dense vegetation (photo 3), and finally, at the bottom, it turned into a full-on scorching desert full of cacti (photo 4)! The islands are so cool!!

After the hike, we had a bit of time to go back to the boat before setting out for our last night of relative freedoms before the big passage. Everyone dressed up nice, ranging from Elton John to LBD to 80s color block vibes, and we had a delicious meal. Dylan got a squid ink pasta which looked super good, and for some reason, I decided to eat a Tiramisu dessert pizza for dinner. It was well worth it. When we got back, we had a dance party on the dock and in the salon and then went to bed in anticipation of the hard work of BA’ing the next day.

Photo 1: Emerson, Jack, and Charlie hiking
Photo 2: Farmyards and feilds
Photo 3: The mountain range
Photo 4: The land of Cactus looking down on the sea
Photo 5: The Enchanted Forest


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