Location: La Laguna, Tenerife

Today we had no plan whatsoever, just an entire 12+ hours to storm Tenerife as we saw fit. Its hard to be a skipper on a day like this, as there are so many different stories others havent told you, so you only know your own. If you are wondering what your specific student did today, you will have to ask them personally, as I will not know.

What I can tell you is a little bit about a Canarian town I found my way to called San Cristbal de La Laguna. Its lived to see times as old as the late 1400s, and the remnants still remain to this day. Youll be walking down the modern sidewalk and suddenly come across a little church from hundreds of years ago sandwiched between apartment complexes as if there were no difference. Then there will be the areas of town that are seamless with each other, each building complementing the next. A famous bell tower of La Laguna known as La Iglesia de la Concepcin overlooked such a plaza, where history and modern European culture collide. You can even find yourself in the world of STEM, as La Laguna has a museum of space and science that is free to the public. Little towns like this only prove how no matter where you wander, you will find something worth exploring.

After the morning and afternoon of miscellaneous adventures, many of us found our way back to Vela, where our paths intertwined just in time for dinner. A handful of us decided a little visit to the local art museum would be the perfect precursor to our meal, and indeed, abstract art does make you build an appetite. So marks another delicious meal in town, a great way to finish off such a productive day of parading about.

Here’s to many more expeditions in the future!

Skipper of the Day, K

Photo 1: a street view of La Laguna
Photo 2: one of the city’s many historical chapels
Photo 3: La Iglesia de La Concepcin
Photo 4: Plaza del Adelantado
Photo 5: satellite from the Museum of Science and the Cosmos


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