Location: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife

Twas a Wednesday morning when Leoni came down the companionway yelling, “they’re coming! Their coming! Hide your children! The customs officers are coming!”
Panicked, we rushed to hide our belongings and grab our masks. Twas then that six massive customs officers, all twice Joes size, came in, guns blazin. The next thing we knew, we were all held at gunpoint.
“Haven’t y’all heard? We don’t allow ‘murcans in these parts. Get going, or we’ll send you to the gallows.”
Just then, Freddie appears out of the shadows. “Didn’t ya hear? The only thing I hate more than pirates are customs officers. Elle, fetch me my pistols. We got ourselves a duel.”
“Till first blood?” replied the largest and scariest customs officer.
“Nay,” Freddie replied, “Till death.”
Just then, the two prepared for the duel. They took ten steps, turned, and before the customs officer could even draw his gun, Freddie shot the hat off his head.
“Next time, you won’t be so lucky,” Freddie said.
Instantly, the customs officers scurried off, regretting the day they challenged Captain Fredwerd.
“Don’t come back, ya hear?” Freddie called out.
And that is the story of how 23 Americans and 1 Canadian were permitted to roam the lands of Tenerife.

Disclaimer: All events in this narrative are 100% true. Trust me. I was there.

Also, shoutout to my mom, dad, Elena, Mimi, and Pap <3

– Liz

1. A dino!
2. Bubba and Arden photo bombing T-Pitty’s birthday photo. Happy Birthday, Pitty! (If you look carefully, you can see the ghost of Grace Keeping in the top left corner)
3. Dani, Helana, Bubba, and Pitty are eating pasta out of Emerson’s toes.
4. Grace, Arden, and I during Seamanship class.
5. A beautiful panorama I took of Dani and Helana.
6. Dani, Savanna, The Budda, Clara, and Helana.


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