Location: Gustavia, Saint Barthelemy

Today was a shore day for our students and some of the staff too. The boat is anchored off of La Pointe, St. Barts, surrounded by superyachts. Like literally a 140-meter private yacht pulled in next door just now. For comparison, Vela is 26 meters. But anywho, shore time. It was a fun day for the students. They partook in their favorite activity, visiting many restaurants. As well as walking up the hill overlooking the runway to St. Bart’s infamous airport, look it up on YouTube, its crazy. A few students even went to the shell beach, on the other side of La Pointe from the anchorage. St. Barts is quite weird to me. It’s odd seeing a Gucci and Rolex store in the Caribbean, as well as so many yachts and yachties and rich guests. But I guess that’s just what St. Barts is about. The return time for those who wanted to come home early was 4:30, but others elected to return at 8:00. Those of us who came back early ate dinner on the boat (more details in the “mom” section). We had a small group squeeze, which somehow took longer than the normal full group squeeze. Then I went to retrieve everyone else from shore. After we all were settled in and I was alone on deck, I heard a close, loud, popping sound and turned around to see fireworks being launched off a superyacht. Everyone ran on deck to watch our end-of-day firework show, and Audrey proceeded to scream-yell “THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!”.

Breakfast- Chia seed pudding
Breakfast 2- Pancakes with bacon and a fruit bowl
Lunch- Cheeseburger
Dinner- Spicy chicken thing