Location: Underway to Antigua

Hey there! Its great to talk to you again! I loved today so much. Im so happy I get to tell you all about it. My day started with a solo 4:30-6:00 anchor watch, which, believe it or not, I have genuinely grown to adore. It always starts out a bit spooky being alone in the dark (yes, Im 19, yes, the dark is still spooky), but witnessing the world come alive again as the sky fills with color is so grounding and revitalizing. Plus, it was a great opportunity to cram in some last-minute studying before our Oceanography quiz. After a super fun and super competitive review for our upcoming midterm, it was swiftly on to passage prep!! From the outside, it might have looked as though I was taking advantage of getting to walk around with a clipboard telling people what to do, but really I was doing something just as important as prepping the boat. I was prepping myself. This stays between us, but our last 2.5-ish day passage was a humbling experience.

I recall Dylan warning me about getting my fish ID logs done before setting sail in case I got seasick, and I believe my exact quote was, Pfff, I never get seasick! Famous last words. Lets just say that when the sunset took me down with it. After taking the necessary time to accept that I am not invincible against any sea state above moderate, we set off for Antigua and raised ALL of our sails. Vela looked like a true sailing machine with all six of her sails up, even the Fisherman! Our big fish in the sky led us as we all practiced manning our stations, sail raises, and tacking the boat back and forth in preparation for the upcoming Classics regatta. The hype has definitely been building these past days, and practicing maneuvers under full sail left us all eager for race day. Watching the sunset from the bowsprit as we head back to where this journey began left me really emotional and overwhelmingly grateful. Thanks to my parents for making this possible, thanks to everyone who has supported me and my crazy adventures, and thanks to Vela for bringing me the best days of my life!!
Stay tuned to hear about us dominating the race field 😉