Location: Taiohae, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas, French Polynesia

Waking up at six this morning in Taiohae Bay was a surreal experience. Having spent the last 17 days working on 4 hour watches 8 hours off, what a sweet feeling it was to settle down last night and catch a full night’s sleep. An early morning fresh fruit market run ashore from a dedicated team consisting of Britt and a handful of eager shipmates ensured some fresh produce for this morning’s breakfast. Following breakfast, shipmates were introduced to the world of Luxury Yachts courtesy of a “how-to” presentation from our resident chamois artiste Sophie Hollingsworth. Marine biology came next, and then another moment of truth for the PSCT students who put a fair few hours of study to good use with their tides and currents examination. A free afternoon ashore gave many the chance to step off of the water and plant a sure foot on land for the first time in a few weeks. Some chose to venture to a nearby beach while others went in search of that elusive creature, known by many as WiFi to catch up with family, friends, and the latest Hollywood gossip. The group “signed out” at 15:00 and was promptly enjoying a beer or two by 15:01. The local town appeared to be in a state of semi-permanent siesta until restaurants opened to serve dinner. Up until that time, the popular choice amongst the crew seemed to be a fairly relaxed affair sitting amongst some local tribal statues, beers in hand watching a school of blacktip sharks feed off the beach. With everyone back on board by 8:30 PM, the crew of Argo settled down for the evening, fully content with their first 24 hours back on dry land.