Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Today was similar to the past couple of days. We woke up at seven and ate breakfast at 7:30. We are getting into a good routine. After breakfast, we got into three groups and worked with each of the three instructors on different key things we needed to know as a part of the crew. One group worked on knots and hitches, one was taught coordinate plotting on the charts, and the last was taught how to run through a boat check and the importance of it. We then set off to Mountain Point, which was about an hour from where we were in Virgin Gorda. After lunch, the open water divers went closer to shore to work on underwater skills, while the advanced divers got to stay on the boat and learn how to operate the dinghy. Once we came back in from diving, we had some downtime before our daily ocean shower! We just got done with dinner as I am writing this, and then we will all gather back together for class. Those who are not dive certified yet will be having dive lectures, while those who are already certified will be working on dive navigation. We can’t wait to see what tomorrow has to offer!