Location: Mountain Point, BVI

Wakeups started at 7 am this morning, preceded by a long night with no wind and a troublesome anchor issue fixed at midnight. Though the night before was long, we were very much looking forward to the diving to come. Breakfast was oatmeal with a dash of honey and a ladle of boiling water. After breakfast, the soon-to-be-open water divers had an exciting morning, learning new skills and exploring new reefs, while the already certified divers went on a short snorkeling trip. During our lunch of mac n’ cheese and PB&J, our friendly mountain man Rivers was surprised with a push into the drink by our fearless leader Anna lane, which he was asking for. Lunch clean-up was delightful as we scraped Matouk’s hot sauce-infested mac n’ cheese off the bowls with our fingers tips, leaving a spicy treat awaiting under our fingernails for later. After, we headed over to Oceanstar for our seamanship class, where we were given the task to assemble a plethora of knots, which we all excelled in. As we were itching to get in the water, it was time to dive the rebar and chicken wire art of a Kraken atop a newly sunken ship; the dive site is ingeniously named, The Kraken. After drying off from the dive, we returned to our beloved cat on the blue for some veggie burgers, oh so delicious. It is getting late, and we are soon to be heading to Leverick Bay to resupply before our daylong passage to Nevis. Goodnight, Seamester blog, till next time.