Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda, BVI

After our oatmeal breakfast, those of us who are working on our open water scuba certification finally got to do a deeper water dive over a reef! Many of us feel much more comfortable with underwater life, including clearing our masks, which is an annoying task, but we are adjusting. We were all excited about each fish that swam past us, and the coral became a welcome visual break between skills. The rest of the Ocean Star crew, who are already certified, got to snorkel over the reef, and a few even spotted a barracuda swimming past. Once our mac n cheese with broccoli lunch was over, many of us got to take a quick nap, get a few pages of our book in, or just got to enjoy the view. We all came together, including those on Fire Bolt, for our first class in Seamanship led by Captain Eric, where we mastered our knots and learned the ropes (literally) with the help of First Mate Cooper. Those still getting certified had a scuba class, while others got to explore the man-made shipwreck 60′ down. We gathered up and had our daily salt-water showers, which are not as bad as one would expect because of a view like this. Brendan and Emma put together our veggie burger dinner, and tonight we are going overwatches and more details about sailing as tomorrow we leave on our 24-hour passage to Nevis!