Location: BVI - Nevis

Day six’s adventure on the big bad, “Firebolt,” the home for a magnetic group of college students and crewmembers. I say magnetic because we have truly bonded in a unique way where I feel like each and every one of us has our own place to shine on this ship. Everyone here has their own thirst for learning and continually looks out for each other. Thankfully, this respect we found for each other in only six days helped me on our tremendous seventeen-hour crossing to Nevis from Mountain point. This morning started off with our chef and sous chef Ana Lane and Rivers, the ultimate caregiver and comedian flipping the French toast to our DJ Brian or what we like to call him “Lil Publix.” John Mayer illuminated the galley as we planned our next stop to Levericks bay for a couple of hours to test if our sea legs could manage to walk back on land. Once we arrived in civilization, we filled our tummies up at what we thought was a private restaurant, Jumbies.

After we awkwardly walked on land, our sea legs came back to life when we jumped on board firebolt to embark on the longest sea-crossing in our summer Seamester program. Although most of us struggled on this crossing, the head captain Kris, co-captain Ashley, and all the other crewmates who I consider to be good friends I can now trust made it all worth it. Here comes the part where you might want to close your eyes because little did we know six out of ten of us saw our lunch float off the back bars of the boat into the choppy seas. I faced many fears, probably being one of the most helpless shipmates, as the captain calls it, the horizontal crew member category. I definitely grasped the stern couch for multiple hours on end. Although I jumped out of my comfort zone on many levels on this journey, that ended up being very positive. Starting off with my phone call interview, when I asked a Seamester staff member if people get seasick, and he responded: “oh yes, that is a part of the journey.” Relentlessly I jumped in and signed up for this adventure that has already shaped me in many ways, by my changing thoughts of fear to now transforming them into some potential strengths. From breathing underwater with a scuba mask for the first time, taking tests/quizzes on board as a student, watching people get seasick, to being afraid of not fitting in, all were fears that circled through my mind but were changed by the people on Firebolt. We made it to Nevis, and we are all happy, which tested my limits and showed me this crossing was possible. I am grateful to everyone on Firebolt and Seamester for giving me this opportunity at sea to face my fears and jump out of my comfort zone to learn more about who I am in the multiple depths of the earth we live in.