Location: Underway to Nevis

This morning after breakfast, certified divers were asked to prepare their diving gear for their underwater navigation dive. Meanwhile, the non-certified divers were tasked with preparing Ocean Star for the upcoming underway to Nevis. Once the certified divers returned, everyone worked to make sure all their personal belongings were secure in their bunks and their diving bags packed in the stern storage unit. After the task was completed, we raised anchor and sailed to Leverick, where we disposed of our trash and had our lunch. Once everything was settled, we began the underway to Nevis. While we were underway, for the safety of Ocean Star and her crew, we split the crew into three watch teams to ensure our voyage would be successful. Each team would serve a three-hour watch and rest for six hours after they were relieved of their watch. This would surely be the most pleasant experience for the crew as we all faced our own challenges, from seasickness to sleep deprivation. Still, we had to endure. Otherwise, we wouldn’t make the passage. All this being said, there is still excitement and thrill of our first long passage and overnight sail. Until then, it’s time for me to prepare myself for my watch and hope that all goes well during our journey.