Location: BVI - Nevis

One week down, about two weeks to go! Ruby did a fantastic job describing the passage from BVI to Nevis in her previous post. Though the waves were rough and we had a few crew that were seasick, the passage was a surprising 17 hours- about 10 hours shorter than we all expected. We made it to Nevis, traveling at an average of 8 knots, so we seriously want to thank Firebolt for getting us here quickly and safely! We arrived and were anchored by 9 am, so we had some time to do a quick boat appreciation (clean), swim, and recoup from our 17-hour passage. As we sit and relax for the day, we reminisce about the previous night and all the strange ways people slept and kept from getting seasick. Tomorrow restarts our busy schedule with some shore excursions planned on Nevis. We all are super thankfully for the warm sea and calm waves here at anchor.