Location: Slipway, Antigua

Hello again,

The morning started off with a nice needed breakfast cooked by Steve of sausage and pineapple to fuel us for our first day of scuba training. After we cleaned our dishes and scrubbed the boat, we had our first 8:30 class of scuba knowledge with Sasha and Lolo; many of us agreed it was the most awake we’ve ever been for an 8 am. The next three hours were filled with riveting information on proper scuba techniques that we would practice later that day. Of course, occasional rounds of “would you rather” and water breaks were given intermittently throughout the class to keep morale and concentration high. While this was going on, all of the students who already were certified for scuba-ing went out with Amanda to do check-out dives and then later explore the other dock.

We then had a delicious lunch of giant pearl couscous, Caprese salad, and leftover steak. Once everyone finished their meal jobs, we prepared to go scuba diving. We may have only been in less than 7 feet of water, but it was one of the most unusual things to get used to. After a little while in the water practicing skills and learning to maneuver our equipment well enough, we headed back to the boat. We then had some free time to shower and explore. Once dinner was prepared, we all headed back to the deck to get our meals and have our dinner group time. When jobs were done, and the blog was written, we then had our intro to academics to finish out the day.

Goodbye, and thank you for your support.

Pictured: scuba diving, classroom time, lunch, and cleanup