Location: Charlestown, Nevis

Excitement rose as we headed to land to begin our various adventures for the day. Time on land was required after morale was quite low as everyone was trying to recover from the voyage from the British Virgin Islands to Nevis. Temperatures were high, and the humidity was not in our favor. We had a nice taxi ride to where the bikers and kayakers were dropped off.

While we waited for the rental shop to open, we went over to the coffee shop next door. Our bike journey started immediately on an uphill and continued that way for the majority of the 20-mile ride and 1600 feet of elevation gain. I think I can speak on behalf of almost everyone on the ride when I say we might have avoided the ride if we had known how intense it was going to be. The most rewarding part of the ride is a tie between making it to the supermarket to stock up on snacks for the boat or returning to the rental shop and finally being able to step off the bikes for good.

The kayakers seemed to have an enjoyable time as they paddled for about an hour and connected their boats together to swim and talk for the remainder of the time. After their kayak was over, they made their way back to town and met up with the group that had gone horseback riding. They enjoyed riding horses on two different beaches and riding through pastures allowing them to really take in what Nevis has to offer.