Location: Underway to Dominica

Every day on Ocean Star has the potential for surprises, and today was no different when the morning started out with an emergency cake making for the leader of the excursion we were going on today. We all got ready to leave Ocean Star for a cleanup beach and to learn about the livelihoods of the fisherman on the opposite side of the island where were anchored and although everyone was in a hurry we were able to make it in time. We met great people when we got there, Mackie told us about the sea moss farming initiative they had started as the fish stocks were going down and how plastic polluting was harming their wildlife. Everyone felt inspired to help, and we started walking on the beach, cleaning and picking up trash, especially plastic, we filled six bags with all the trash, moments later we ate lunch under a wooden roof where we sang happy birthday to Mackie and got ready to head back.

We prepared Ocean Star to leave Nevis for our passage to Dominica, we raised the sails and started navigating. Minutes later we did a man overboard drill, everyone reacted quickly, and it went quite well. Watch team 2 started the watch as everyone else got some rest down below. The passage unlike to Nevis was much calmer, as the sun was setting we passed by Guadeloupe Island, and as time went by we could only see the silhouette of the Islands, before we knew it the night came and there were barely any clouds, we got the chance to navigate following the stars, especially Sirius. It was a great night, and everyone enjoyed the passage very much.