Location: Tyrrhenian Sea

Today was a busy day on Vela as we pushed off the docks around lunchtime for our first passage to Sardinia. This morning, we woke up to the amazing smell of pancakes cooked by Zoe and Sam, who got up at 5:45 to make us breakfast! After that, we moved into various boat prep roles for passage, which took us to around lunchtime. Everyone appreciated getting a better sense of their role on the boat as we learned about Vela’s lines, her sails, and how we needed to work together as a team to have a safe passage.

After lunchtime, we pushed off the docks and headed underway! After three days in Civitavecchia, everyone is excited to be at sea. A lot of our afternoon was spent learning about what our duties on our watch teams will look like, which everyone was excited about. We did have a few crew members who, as Jack said, felt like they were “being hazed by the sea” and got a little seasick, but everyone quickly recovered and were eating dinner by the evening. Everyone’s excited about our first night watches and seeing the stars tonight!

Photo 1: Sam and Zoe’s amazing breakfast, which made the whole boat smell delicious!
Photo 2: Garrett working on lines and knots
Photo 3: Savanna working hard as a bosun in front of our first (real) sunset of the trip.