Location: Cala Coticcio bay

We set sail for the first time on sailing vessel Vela; as we split up into our watch teams for the night, our minds went wild with the excitement of going out to sea. Our first night shift was able to watch the beautiful stars as we drifted further into the ocean. The lucky group of 8 that got to watch the sunrise was accompanied by a double rainbow which made the sleepless night more than worth it. We woke up to anchors being dropped and gorgeous rock cliffs on our bow. Lunch was being made by our amazing cooks of the day, which was devoured and quickly cleaned up so that we could jump in the deep blue water for the first time. Our hearts pounded from the chill, but we soon got past it and continued onto our swim test, four laps around the boat followed by a 10-minute tread which we used as time to practice our singing skills. Taylor Swift would be proud. After belting our hearts out, it was time for some learning; we headed below deck to watch some informational videos on diving which were followed by a delicious meal of beef burritos and informing each other of who we would bring with us during a zombie apocalypse ( Emma and Helayna’s dads were very popular choices).

All in all, we had an amazing day which will most likely be followed by several more. We are so grateful for our crew and the people back home that could make this all possible for us. It feels as though we have known each other for years; it is unbelievable that it has only been five days, but we are also appreciative that we have so many more adventures to come.

Photo 1: Whole crew after singing sea shanties while treading water
Photo 2: First sunrise at sea
Photo 3: Helayna and Savanna