Location: Cala Coticcio, Sardinia

Our morning started with cereal in the cockpit complemented by the pink morning sky. Breakfast was plated (or should I say bowled) below deck due to the fact that the sporadic gusts of wind had proven too treacherous for serving outdoors. We then were separated into groups to begin divingone group for the morning and the other after lunch. Preparing for the first dive was a lengthy and tedious task. Although, attitudes were bright and filled with the excitement of trying something new. After learning how to assemble our dive pack, a process that consisted of attaching various tubes and fastening several straps, the first group donned their scuba apparel and climbed into the dinghies. A brief ride brought us close to steep rock cliffs, where a golden beach emerged. We anchored and flipped into the deep blue water. It took a minute to acclimate to the weight of the packs. Shortly after, we began to conduct a series of tests. These included clearing water from the mask, removing and reapplying the mask, breathing without the mask, purging the respirator, and buddy breathing. While participating in the dive, we were accompanied by slender silverfish, spiny starfish, and an abundance of sea slugs. The sea slugs were quickly befriended and named. During downtime, when not diving, students occupied themselves with laundry, reading, bracelet making, and a myriad of other games. In order to conserve water, we adopted a new way of showering: jumping off the boat into the salty water then climbing out, applying soap and shampoo, rinsing in the ocean again, and finally a speedy rinse under the freshwater hosethe group reunited for dinner which consisted of lentil soup, bread, and last night’s leftovers. We reflected on our day as our captain Freddie relocated us two hours from the initial spot. We shared laughs and basked in the cool breeze as the full golden moon rose over the water. Gratitude seeps from every member of the crew. We are so lucky to partake in this experience.

– Arden
P.S I am sending my love to my mom, dad, Ethan, Asa, Lori, JY, and luna. I miss you tons!!!

Photo 1 Dinner in the galley. L2R Sav, Liz, Dani, Tyler, and Bubba
Photo 2 Sav and Grace taking in the view
photo 3 The moonrise
Photo 4 Dinner in the cockpit. L2R Garrett, Clara, Dani, Tyler, Emerson, Sam, Grace, Emma, and at the back, Capt Freddie, Elle, Akiva, and Kendra!
Photo 5 Jamie and Helayna