Location: Porto Puddu, Sardinia

Hey, fam and friends!

Just when you think you’re already having a great time, the crew gets closer, and the days get more incredible. This morning I woke everyone up by blasting the Kanye song “Good Morning” and dancing around the bunks. The crew, groggy from a night of rotating anchor watches, were unwillingly awoken further by more blasting music. On the deck of the boat, we were delighted with a variety of cereals for our 7:30 breakfast. We then did our routine clean up echoed with music and laughs. Half of the students in progress of earning their open water dive certification went to scuba dive in the morning, and the other half went in the afternoon.

When we weren’t practicing our scuba skills, the day was spent in the salon making friendship bracelets (Clara, Arden, and I), playing chess (Henry and Declan/Duckie), learning new card games, cleaning bunks, taking naps, and making memories. Lunch was a twist on a Caesar salad bar with fresh veggies, tofu, asparagus, and Parmesan cheese. After cleanup, the second group suited up to go scuba diving as they squeezed on their wetsuits and braided each other’s hair. Even Garret and Tyler (T-Pitty) got a new do!

While scuba diving, we saw some cool fish among the bright blue water and white sandy beach. Many thanks to the patient scuba instructors who retaught the skills when we struggled. We got through an hour or two of skills before heading back on the dingy to Vela. About half the crew and I put away the equipment and jumped in the refreshing ocean for a shower. We lathered up in soap before diving off the boat again and rinsing off with fresh water. Ocean showers are always a highlight of the day, as everyone is in good spirits, and it’s fun to watch the crew progress on their flipping and diving skills. We had mushroom risotto for dinner, followed by the question of the day, which was “What is your hometown known for?”. The creative answers made some people cry with laughter. We finished the night with a dinner clean-up and lesson 5 of our diver certification course. We will all sleep well tonight, knowing how lucky we are to be living off the coast of Sardinia in a beautiful boat surrounded by our new best friends.

Love you and miss you, mom and dad! Don’t forget to feed the fish!

Photo 1: Bubba ready for breakfast this morning
Photo 2: Helayna, Declan, and Henry playing games in the salon
Photo 3: Sav helping to prepare lunch in the galley