Location: Stonehaven Anchorage, Hook Island, AU

This morning the crew woke up to a delicious breakfast of pancakes courtesy of Reed and his chef crew, ensuring that the baking soda- pancake fiasco of French Polynesia is pushed from memory. After breakfast, we moved Argo closer to our dive site for the day. The crew was divided into four groups for the day so that everyone could take the navigation exam in relative quiet in the saloon. While one group tested back on the boat, the others headed out to do our first dive on the Great Barrier Reef. Despite the best efforts of a particularly strong current, we got to see some beautiful coral and fish. With everyone back on the boat in the afternoon, students caught up on work and sleep or enjoyed the incredible weather we’ve had thus far in the Whitsunday’s. We moved the ship once more in the evening, to the picturesque Stonehaven Anchorage, where we ate dinner and watched the sunset, with the sound of whales in the background.

In more pressing news, we have, after an arduous week, finished the last of the peanuts onboard Argo.