Location: Hook Island, Australia

Today we woke up to another beautiful morning in the Whitsunday Islands. After a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs and hash browns (made by our amazing chefs Olivia, Mike, and Steve), we headed for shore for another beach day, this time on the other side of Whitehaven Beach (the famous part). We spotted three sea turtles and some stingrays on the way in. We then hiked up to a viewing point that overlooked the most incredible beach I have ever seen! The water here is extremely blue, and the sand is so white and soft; it almost feels like velvet; it even squeaks when you walk. As soon as we got down to the beach, a group of us took off towards the water. After a good thirty minutes or so of chicken fights, throwing each other in, and other water games, we headed back to our spot on the beach. Garrett and Adrian played chess, while Hayes, Blake, JJ, and Jack threw the Frisbee. Evan, Steph, and Lindsay saw 30 or so stingrays and two baby lemon sharks walking through the tidal range. Everyone else either explored the beach, hung out in the water, or tanned for the rest of the morning.

We got back on the boat around lunchtime and set sail to Hook Island, which was about a three-hour passage. We had our last oceanography class underway and then had time to study and finish our marine bio papers that are due tonight. When we arrived at the island, the Dive Master trainees did their second to last dive of their certification (super exciting!), and then we all had jump-in showers. Tonight we had beef teriyaki and noodles for dinner, and now we are getting all of the dive gear out and ready for our first dive in the Great Barrier Reef tomorrow!