Location: Savannah Bay, British Virgin Islands

Today was the first full day for us students aboard the Ocean Star. It began with a refreshing dip in the harbor in Tortola to complete the swim test. With any tiredness left in our eyes, the warm morning sunshine and a cool breeze would set the tone for a rather wonderful day. After that, everyone began to find their rhythm with a well-balanced breakfast and friendly chit-chat on the dock. Each of us settled into our jobs as gophers, salties, deckies, you name it, and helped out wherever we might have been needed. We all quickly learned how much we were to learn in the coming days with some crash courses in basic ship maintenance, anchor watch duties, and some videos before the very first dives for some of us. All of the instructors were so great in helping and reassuring us in our efforts to learn the ropes, quite literally. We eagerly assisted wherever we could as we cast off for our very first time to journey to our next destination, Savannah Bay. The winds were high, and so were everyone’s spirits.

Everyone gets along so well. There have been so many laughs and stories exchanged already, and most have only been aboard for 24 hours. The sun was shining, and everyone was smiling. Students are managing to acclimate to our new environment quickly and happily. Everyone is looking forward to all of the adventures yet to come on Ocean Star, and more so to share them.