Location: Savannah Bay, British Virgins Islands

Today was a day of many firsts for the majority of our crew. Many of us started with our very first late night or early morning anchor watch, which meant that the boat was solely our responsibility for one hour. Then we woke up to a delightful bowl of oatmeal (yum) and cereal and began our introduction to the exciting scuba experience. Most of us had our first breath of air underwater today, and the pros went on a refresher dive, touching up on their dive skills. There were a lot of emotions when scuba diving, but the teamwork and effort paid off in the end. We went through all the possible risks and skills that come with scuba diving, and in the end, felt like pros. We ended the strenuous but rewarding day with a quick soapy “shower” in the ocean and then ate some delicious curry to end the night.