Location: Underway to St. Vincent

Happy first full day of passage!! My day started off right at midnight with a 12-4 a.m. watch, where watch team 3 did their first few boat checks, adjusted the sails, learned how to man the helm (my personal favorite), and got drenched by the waves during bow watch. There were more stars in the sky than most of us have ever seen before, and the absence of any moon or clouds left us marveling at the beauty that we were surrounded by. At 4:00, we were relieved by watch team 1, and I stumbled back into my bunk after struggling with the watertight doors for a bit.

We had a rolling breakfast today consisting of cereal. After spilling an entire bowl in the galley after a particularly big wave, I was finally able to crawl my way up the main companionway and enjoy some food on deck. My watch team had some time off before lunch, so the shipmates were split between being on watch, napping, doing some work, and hanging out on deck. By the time lunch rolled around, we had the engine off and were officially sailing! We made our way through cleanup and had our first class while on the passage (Marine Biology). Afterward, watch team 1 headed back for their 2-6 watch while most of the rest of us passed out in our bunks for a bit.

As the afternoon turned into evening, shipmates started making their way on deck, and we spent some time hanging out and listening to Felipe’s music while he manned the helm. Dinner was a balancing act of trying to get stir fry and soy sauce into our bowls without spraying the person behind us, but we quickly forgot about that when a pod of dolphins started breaching the water right next to Argo! Frankie’s reaction was almost as awesome as the actual dolphins. We got to see the green flash as the sun was setting, making an already amazing day even better. It’s safe to say that everyone on Argo was feeling pretty great.

Current position:

Sunset under sail
Frankie and Elie enjoying the wind
Mac on the helm and Thea making faces
Dinnertime underway