Location: Falmouth, Antigua

This morning I woke up to the sound of dive gear getting set up, which can only mean that we had a rescue scenario. At the sharp time of 6:45 am, we “rescued” 2 people, which was a great way to start our second to last full day. After we debriefed the scenario, we ate breakfast, and the first group got ready to go dinghy sailing. Once we got onto the dinghy, we went to the dock and walked about 15 minutes to the sail academy. Once they demonstrated how to use the sail dinghies, we got onto them and went off. I got onto a sail dinghy with Quinn, and within the first 10 minutes, we flipped it, went outside the boundaries and over a reef, and almost got hit by the boom countless times. Once we got the hang of it, after being followed around by the instructor for like 20 minutes, we lost them and started doing a lot of tacks. We watched Asta fall off the dinghy that had Sam, Hedrick, and Maxime also because her foot strap broke, and it was super funny. We then watched Tate and Eamon flip the sail dinghy, and we were laughing at them and 2 seconds later, we flipped ours too, so that was super funny. Hedrick also was getting told how to sail, which was super funny – he very politely said, “thank you so much for the tips.” After we finished doing that, we took a leisurely walk back to the dock, and on the way, we stopped and got snacks and drinks, which was quite funny watching everyone stress out about their ice cream melting. Once we got back to ocean star, we did a messy boat appreciation in preparation for tomorrow. We then ate dinner and had a confession squeeze which was so amazing to hear all of the confessions. This is all so weird to see come to an end. I can’t even imagine what it will be like not living with all of these amazing people. I am currently writing the blog while the pit is scream-singing Love Story by Taylor Swift and am about to start crying because I don’t know how to live in a house anymore, and I am going to miss every little moment that has happened on this boat. I wish I never had to leave, and I wish I never had to say goodbye to the most amazing group of people I’ve ever met. Bye Bye Blog, and if any of my shipmates read this after the trip ends, text me right now, and I love you all so so so much.

PS. Sorry, I have so few pictures – I was too busy having fun.