Location: Falmouth, Antigua

Yet another morning was greeted with a smile as I realized the majority of the crew was already up and awake. As time went on, it seems waking up earlier and earlier has become an enjoyable occurrence for a large portion of the group. The salon was filled with the songs of Neil Young and the Red Hot Chili Peppers in order to get the minority out of bed in a relaxing easy fashion, before ascending above deck for Sam’s signature breakfast, delicious migas. I was informed of the day’s plans, and overwhelming excitement overtook me for multiple reasons. I was told we would be ziplining… great, but also that our final test of the semester would be held today, concluding all school work for the remainder of our time here… better. We concluded our marine biology final after breakfast cleanup, and although we still have to present our group projects tonight after dinner, all testing assessments and classes have concluded. After packing our lunches into Tupperware for the day, we set off into the taxis headed for the Antigua Zip Lining Action Park. Zooming through the beautiful lush mountains at exciting speeds is an experience none of us will soon forget. After making it through the ziplining course, we arrived at the ropes course, where the guide informed us on how to safely pass from obstacle to obstacle before making a horrible mistake which was telling us it was safe and fun to try and knock each other off. The second the first two people stepped off the platform, the anarchy began. Tate was intensely jumping up and down on the bouncy cables while Maxime held on for dear life. Sam was screaming at Quinn to stop whipping the support rope out of his hands while Alexis’ entire body was swinging completely off of any structure. Thankfully the harness’ did its job well. Throughout all the chaos, you could always hear the laughter echoing and recognize the smiles on everyone’s face. We arrived back in the marina at around 3 pm, where we were given free time to walk around and explore the shops and restaurants in the area. Yet again, people made exciting purchases, mainly souvenirs and mango smoothies. It was a very calming, relaxing few hours in the marina to chill and hang out with one another before returning home for dinner. Now finally, we will all be giving our presentations for the next half an hour, solidifying the conclusion of all school work, leaving us nothing to do except prepare for our departure home, besides enjoy the last few days here.

Photo 1: Eulalie Zip Lining
photo 2: hanging out at the dock
photo 3: Mackenzie enjoying her cold drinks after zip lining
photo 4: Lucy also enjoying her relax time after zip lining
photo 5: Steph^2 and Hedrawfk enjoying their packed lunches
photo 6: Tate, Eulalie, and Bean enjoying one another’s company
photo 7: Quinn, Alexis, Sam, and Lucy all waiting for harnesses
photo 8: The Gang
Photo 9: Arriving at the action park
Photos 10/11: Dope views