Location: Falmouth, Antigua

Today centered around another amazing Padi rescue scenario spearheaded by our inspiring dive instructors, Ash, Sam, and Steph. The group was about to start getting ready for their first unaccompanied dive. Ash had been briefing them a moment or two longer than strictly necessary to provide cover for Steph to get in the water with her kit on. After the brief, Ash and Sam asked where Steph was, and we all realized that we were in a scenario. There were some really good points about the way we handled the scenario as a group and plenty to learn from too. It’s been so great to go through the Padi rescue course with everyone on board, and I’ve personally enjoyed the drills/scenarios, as it really puts into practice the skills that we’ve been taught. We completed the scenario, located Steph underwater, brought her to the surface, and got her into a dinghy to perform CPR and administer imaginary oxygen. We also had to calm and care for Sam, who leaped into the water in a distressed manner when she saw Steph surface. It was all very well acted and enjoyed by all, students and instructors. After the debrief, most of the crew went on their fun dive. Now certified and competent divers, they were able to safely descend, enjoy some Caribbean scuba sightseeing, and ascend and resurface with their instructor sat surface in a dinghy on standby. Everyone onboard is looking forward to Christmas and seeing their families after so long, but of course, the parting is bittersweet. Some are talking of wanting to pursue careers in diving, others who want to work within Seamester/GXG, and still others who will simply be sad to leave their friends and floating home behind as they return to life ashore. For my part, it’s been, and continues to be, an absolute pleasure living with this crew of dynamic young seafarers.

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1. Lucia, Asta, Eulalie
2. Asta holding Lucia, Logan in the port quarter, Sam
3. Sam (who asked me not to include that photo)
4. Eamon through the hatch
5. Tate with aubergine
6. Alexis
7. The group getting into the dinghy
8. Steffi on Dominica