Location: Underway to Dominica, Transatlantic Day 7, 23*09.06 N 28*47.80' W

The Argo crew had another smooth day of passage. We had great wind last night and were able to sail above 7 knots throughout the night. It seemed that we skirted the side of a squall, benefiting from the wind and not getting any of the rain. During the dark hours of the early morning between the moon setting and sunrise watch, team 4 had a little surprise. Somers was deep in conversation sitting in the cockpit when all of a sudden, something hit him in the leg. When he looked down, he felt what he thought was a struggling bird… suddenly someone shined a light on him to reveal a small bluish flying fish. After identifying what it was, they tossed it back in the ocean to keep it alive. As day broke, hundreds of flying fish appeared all around the boat as all the shipmates woke to get lunch. Bryant and the chefs made a lovely breakfast for lunch, which everyone enjoyed thoroughly. Following cleanup, there was an OCB exam followed by an MTE class teaching estimated time of arrival techniques using chart plotters. After class, everyone enjoyed the extremely hot and sunny day by having a deck shower and tanning on the chart house. We just had dinner and are preparing for another night of good sailing with the engine off. Hopefully, the trade winds stay strong! That’s it for now. Argo crew is having a blast and quickly approaching the middle of the Atlantic crossing. Here is a picture of everyone at the squeeze (besides me!),