Location: Underway to Dominica, Transatlantic Day 8, 20*38.00 N 33*35.04 W

With our sunrise watch from 6-9, watch team 4, aka the ctenophores or ‘Linda’s,’ sailed into day 8 of passage. The whole watch team took turns on the helm. While Greg and Townes could be seen altering push-ups throughout watch, Hilary and Kelsey spent a whole hour on bow watch. After the completion of watch, we debriefed with our usual jellyfish-like wave. Watch team four dispersed and watch team 1 took over for the next three hours. Watch team one talked about Ben’s plans for his mid-Atlantic restaurant.
Townes, Kelsey, and Emma went to the galley to start making lunch. As head chef today, Townes made us all feel like we were in Texas with fried chicken and honey biscuits for lunch. For dinner, honey baked chicken with baked brussel sprouts. The rest of our watch team dispersed to study and sleep until lunch. As the morning progressed, everyone slowly started to wake up and have their breakfast. Passage mornings have turned into the equivalent of waking up on a Sunday morning at home, a late start, and time for yourself until lunch. As we spend more time on passage, our days have become more routine, and time does not have the same meaning as it did on land. Our lack of sense of time is obvious as the crew can be heard multiple times a day, arguing over exactly which day of passage it is.
After lunch and morning muster, we had an oceanography class. In class, we learned about marine life and the marine environment, which was a nice refresher from what we learned at the beginning of marine biology. After oceanography, the PSCT class met, went over our last exam, and learned about meteorology and weather patterns. While in PSCT, we were able to sail through a minor squall. After PSCT, we had shower time with another squall off our bow. During dinner, watch team three took over with Jessica and later on, Katie at the helm. Now, as we break for the evening, the sun is setting off our bow showing us the way to the Caribbean.