Location: Underway to Dominica, Transatlantic Day 9, 19*57.07' N 36*14.77' W

The day started out at six for me with my watch team as we rolled ourselves out of bed and braved the heeling deck of Argo. Paulo and I were the most exhausted. I had been up until twelve the night before figuring out how to chart my position while underway. Fortunately, I was able to helm first, so that woke me up relatively fast. The stars were magnificent. I have found my favorite constellation while on this ocean crossing, the Seven Sisters.
After I got off watch at nine, I went to work studying meteorology while the chefs began to create our midday meal. I almost missed the call to wake people up, but after I did that, I came up on deck to eat. Fresh bread, bacon, and some deli meat graced the deck for us to chow on. It was gone in a matter of minutes.
Class was. Next, OCB and MTE were the two that we took today. In MTE, we learned another section of charting, and we got caught up with previous sections. In OCB, we watched Blackfish, which is a documentary about SeaWorld and how it treated its whales. It was very educational and shocking. Classes rolled right into shower time, which was on deck using the salt-water hose.
Dinner was chili, and rice and cleanup started after that. People are pretty tired and working towards going to bed. Tomorrow PSCT students have a test, which is worrying us, but we should do well. We were all super pleased to find out we passed the retake test for the ColRegs. We are planning to ace the one tomorrow.
Thus ends the ninth day at sea for the Argonauts.