Location: Underway to Dominica, Transatlantic Day 10, 19*16.70' N 38*23.80' W

Well, good news, we’re still alive. Today marks day ten of passage, and we crossed the mid-Atlantic ridge this morning. We started today by all gathering for lunch, which was a lentil bean casserole made by our one and only cameraman, Matt. We then moved on to our afternoon classes. We started with an MTE (sailing class), where we continued to learn about navigation. Then, we had an Oceanography review with Emma. We had fairly good wind today; we were able to sail with the engine off for most of today. It’s getting more and more exciting the closer we get to the Caribbean. We’re all starting to become a bit anxious. We finished off the day with some showers using the crash pump and a stellar dinner of enchiladas. Caribbean get ready, Argos coming in hot.
Skipper of the day, Kristian