Location: Underway to Panama

My morning started out by being whacked in the ear by a flying fish at 3 a.m. That was clearly Poseidon’s way of telling me to wake up for the last hour of my watch. Although I was a little startled, the chorus of laughter that followed made it all worth it, and Giselle even managed to get the little guy back into the water!

Despite being cold, wet, and sleep-deprived, watch is one of my favorite experiences on Seamester so far. Nothing beats those 2 a.m. deep chats up at bow watch or jamming to Taylor Swift at the helm. From pots flying in the galley, getting swamped by waves at bow watch and deck showers, being on passage definitely takes some getting used to. However, on day five, we are all starting to get the hang of everything. I still can’t really believe that we are in the middle of the open ocean. I step out on deck, and all I see are mountains of rolling blue waves. The constant rocking feels like the best roller coaster ever.

This morning we jibed! The crew was shortly joined by a group of dolphins who seemed super excited to have found a boat and were soaring out of the water. After Natalie’s delicious fried rice lunch, we all gathered in the salon for Oceanography with Steph, followed by Leadership with Tim. Although a few notebooks went flying over the course of the class, we managed to make it through.

Dinner was jerk chicken and fried plantains. The squeeze question was, “If you could describe the person to your right as an animal (either looks-wise, personality, or general vibe), what would it be and why?” Everyone’s answers were scarily accurate. Right after I finish writing this, I’m heading up for my 8-12 watch with Watch Team Two (the elite watch team ;)). We are expected to be in Panama Monday morning!

P.s. Mom, Dad, Alex, and Christopher, I love and miss you guys so much <3

1. Mac, Ezra, Marina, Bella, Felipe, Lewis, Giselle, and Niko doing some leadership

2. Sam and Mac chilling at midships

3. Riley and Thea protecting the fried rice