Location: Underway to Panama

Today started at 00:00, just like all other days, as my watch team watch team 1, relieved watch team 3. The wind was noticeably more windy than it had been the day before, and the moon was noticeably almost full. There was a lot to see, like birds sitting on flaked sails or flying fish splashing onto the deck.

Then, at 03:00, Nick took over the helm, and the rest was history. Staying on the helm for a whole five hours straight, Nick set the record for most consecutive time spent on the helm for an Argo student crew member. I figured such an accomplishment deserved the highest civilian honor given out in this watery part of the world. So, after lunch, I presented Nick with the Argo crew presidential medal of freedom. He wore his medal, which was my headlamp, with pride for the rest of the day.

We kept with the same routine of two classes in the afternoon, and our day was punctuated by two delicious meals from Head Chef Felipe: Chilaquiles and Buffalo Chicken Wings.

At dinner, I asked my squeeze question. It went as follows:

“What is your Peter Pan? What is one thing you had when you were younger that you want now but can never get back? Or, what is one thing you have managed to hold onto from your youth that you never want to lose?”

I said I never want to lose my laugh; someone said they never want to lose their optimism, or their sense of adventure, or their ability to be in awe of the world. Everyone said something pretty profound, and it got me thinking about a lot of things I never want to lose, no matter how much they seem to be obstacles on the path towards adulthood. I think we all felt the same way. I never want to stop being curious or stop learning, and I never want to stop striking up random conversations with strangers.

The sea state is hindering my ability to come to a clear conclusion with these thoughts, but one thing is for certain: for everything we may have lost, there is just as much that about our youth that will stay with us forever. And I think that is pretty cool.

Current position: 1337.69′ N x 07518.34′ W


1. Thea and Elie all smiles in the cabins!
2. Mac, Marina, and Sam enjoying each other’s company and the sunset
3. Riley and Giselle embracing one another’s presence