Location: Underway to SVG

Wow-what a great day full of flying fish – the animals and sails! As Watch Team 1 handed over Argo last night at midnight, Watch Team 2’s brief was interrupted by a rogue flying fish that landed on deck. After first hitting Avery’s face, then flopping about on the deck amidst plenty of shrieks, Amanda and the crew were able to get it safely back overboard and into the ocean. As we sail closer and closer to the Caribbean, we have been having more and more flying fish hit the deck, literally. Some make it, and some, unfortunately, do not 🙁 Then, this morning, Watch Team 1 came up on deck to a beautiful sunrise, and little did we know, the day would only get better from there. In no time at all, we got the main down for a quick little repair. Then we put the main back up – a process that involves center-lining all of the other sails – and then eased everything back out. We were even able to get a mega-ease on the main (you tie an additional line to the main sheet to get it even farther out – great for down-wind sailing). Then we put the flying jib up – a process that involves bringing the main staysail back in a bit, just to be eased back out once the flying jib is up. Then, to everyone’s pure delight, we got word to get the fisherman sail (aka the fish) out of the director’s bunk! “A fish in the director’s bunk? Who is the director?! Why do they have a fish in their bunk?! Does it smell??” you exclaim. Don’t worry. In this instance, the fish is our sixth sail! And yes, we do have six sails on Argo (though some shipmates only made that discovery this morning). Since this was our first time putting the fish up, it was quite an adventure. And don’t worry, before we could put it up, we center-lined the main staysail again. Flash forward – we have all six sails up! It was beautiful! So cool! I love sailing! And this is all before lunch!

In the afternoon, we had a great leadership class, followed by some very interesting presentations in oceanography. Eutrophication is no joke, and if you haven’t heard of harmful algal blooms, they’re like agal blooms but harmful.

Then to close the day, we all enjoyed a delicious dinner and beautiful sunset. Wow, epic sunrise and epic sunset in one day. We also did a quick little time change – did you know that on passage, Argo sets her own time? Tim says, “Hey is everyone looking at their watch? Mine says it’s actually (insert time).” And then that’s what time it is. So due to the time change, I’m actually still on watch and must make it back for power hour. That’s typically when the most epic dancing happens (especially to Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night”), and I absolutely must be a part of it.

Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone has a wicked day.

PS. Mrs. Valpey, Jake says he misses you a lot.

A blurry Brahm at sunrise
All six sails! What a beaut
Smash and JP stoked to be having dinner

Current position:1751.88’N x 02952.40’W