Location: Underway to SVG

While in a deep slumber this morning, the entire crew got woken up to… MAN OVERBOARD. Fortunately, this was only a drill (I repeat, this IS, in fact, a drill). While watch team 3 guided us towards the “person” overboard with their sail handling, watch team 1 retrieved the “man,” and watch team 2 gathered the medical supplies. Needless to say, whoever falls overboard is in great hands because … you guessed it .. we immediately followed that MOB drill with another. The teamwork during these drills cannot be beaten. Then, we rewarded our hard work with some refried bean burritos for lunch. Following a delicious meal from our galley team, the staff put together a galley 101 class where we practiced the ins and outs of successful cheffing on board. After the informational class and eventful morning, we had some downtime. Some took naps, some did homework, and some sat up on deck watching the fishing line. Unfortunately, there were no fish caught today… but don’t be surprised to see fish being caught in later days. Then, we all ate dinner, which was fried rice, and dessert, which was coffee cake (there were no leftovers, it was too delicious).

1. Galley 101 – A galley group in a warm embrace while Amanda covers how to chop vegetables and gave some helpful stovetop and oven tricks for cheffing on a moving boat
2. Brian, Lance, and Julie – aka our fierce galley team in the midst of cheffing up dinner
3. Here, we see Jake. Jake is doing homework. While he does homework, he is contemplating. Jake misses his mom. In fact, we all miss Jake’s mom. To Jake’s mom: we miss you.