Location: Underway to St. Helena in the Indian Ocean

I have found myself falling into the rhythm of the “sailor’s life”. The night watches, looking out over miles and miles of a vast, empty ocean, keeping a look out for passing boats in the night, trying to catch up on sleep in between watches and class and finding time for a good conversation in the midst of it all. And no matter what waking up excited for what the day ahead has in store. This morning was especially eventful for watch group 2, we had a startling encounter with a flying fish that was bound and determined to stay on deck. After the little guy was returned to the ocean, we enjoyed another beautiful sunrise and calm seas on our voyage to St. Helena. Following a delicious lunch the crew headed down to the galley for our basic seamanship and oceanography classes, both were entertaining and enlightening as usual. We learned a bit about the rules of the sea and about the true meaning of science. Some of us then opted to have a much needed bucket shower or get started on a bit of homework. I however, was able to help empty out “King Kong”, our diesel reserve into the fuel tank. I found this job to be quite relaxing as I simply got to lay on the giant bag of diesel to help keep the flow going into the new tank. Day 13 is now coming to a close with what is bound to be another breathtaking sunset in the middle of the Atlantic under full sail, with amazing people. This is the good life! P.S. Mom, Dad, I can now solve the Rubix Cube in 3 minutes flat AND have memorized the phonetic alphabet (Papa, Hotel, Oscar, November, Echo, Tango, India, Charlie)! Just another couple of reasons to be proud of your daughter!