Location: Underway to St. Helena in the Atlantic Ocean

“Get up! Time for watch man, get up there you need to get briefed”, these are words that are becoming more and more familiar with me since I’ve been aboard Argo, definitely a lot different then what I hear when I’m in the states at college. I started the day with the 00:00-3:00 watch and watched the moon set on the horizon of the open Atlantic Ocean, I sat on bow watch and watched the bow wake glow from the bioluminescence, one of the coolest sights that I’ve ever seen. I traded off from that to checking the boat inside and out, to taking the helm, after our 3 hour watch was over it was time to pass out! The day number seems to becoming less and less important and I don’t really care what day it is because it’s too beautiful out here in the middle of the ocean; I’ve only dreamed of being out here. The day continued with watches every 6 hours and lunch at 12, then Dan announced that we’re going to get briefed for swimming. Swimming? We’re in the middle of the ocean dude, what are you talking about? Argo’s propeller came to slow halt and we got to take saltwater showers in the middle of the ocean. It was one of the coolest experiences I’ve had in my whole life. So we reminded everyone to please refrain from using the head as we did not want to find any new marine life during our showers, and then we jumped right in. Epic. We even caught a female Mahimahi, too small for eating though; Joe wasn’t too pleased. As for now, all we have is calm seas, sunshine, and blue waters. Hopefully we’ll get some more wind in the sails tomorrow but I’m not complaining of the weather! P.S. Mom, when you read this, that’s my bad for not calling! Oops!