Location: East London, South Africa

After feasting last night we set off to explore some more of East London today. We went to the East London museum hoping to see the only remaining dodo egg. Unfortunately it seems to have gone missing, or so the curators of the museum say! The museum was interesting, a large part dedicated to the discovery of the coelacanth. A fish thought to have been extinct for 70 million years until one was discovered in 1938 in East London. It is an interesting fish, named Four legs’ due to its resemblance to terrestrial tetrapods. A relevant stop, after mentioning this fish many times in our science class. The museum also had a cultural and maritime section upstairs, enlightening us more about the dangerous waters off South Africa and the customs of the local tribes. While waiting for our taxi we enjoyed some sunshine on the grass outside before a quick stop at the mall for wifi and to restock our provisions after the Thanksgiving feast! Back on board we had an OCE class and then prepared for our next passage south. After dinner we departed around 9pm after the southern winds died down. As we passed the breakwaters the seas were calm with a gently swell as we set off once more.