Location: East London, South Africa

Although we are an ocean away from the States, Thanksgiving on Argo came and went with many of the traditions we know and love from home. Planning for this much anticipated event was in the works for quite some time before we even arrived in East London. Leah arranged for a turkey dinner to be prepared at the local yacht club, and also asked us to offer our recipes and our hands to prepare our favorite Thanksgiving dishes. The preparation on Argo began a night in advance and continued right up until the feast, as pies, cookies, soups and casseroles were made by a number of shipmates. At the yacht club, our host, Yvette, cooked her first turkeys ever, and while admittedly stressed out by the process, she served us a Thanksgiving dinner that we all agreed was as good as any we have had at home. While the food was great, it was not the lone bright spot in our day. As we near the end of our trip we have all realized that the time we have left together is limited, so Thanksgiving at the Buffalo River Yacht Club gave us an opportunity to put up our feet and celebrate with our surrogate family of the last 80 days. Thanksgiving in East London was a big success, and November 26 will likely be one of the more memorable days of our trip.