Location: Statia

This morning began early for some of us who decided to hike on Ile Fourche to watch the sunrise. We split up, taking different paths around the rocky outcrops and even found a friendly lizard who let Carolyn photograph him from every angle. Back on the boat, we had a Marine Biology class where we went over the fish the students will need to identify on their final exam. There are over 100 fish, coral, birds, and turtles that the students are responsible for knowing, though after spending 66 days among these animals, this task seems less daunting than it did at the beginning of the trip.
Today, was also another completely student-led passage. The students plotted our course on the charts, navigating through any potential hazards we might encounter. Sean stepped in for me as skipper and led the crew in the decision on how many sails to raise and how they should be trimmed. Lucky for us, the wind was just right to get four sails up, including our jib. We had beautiful, clear skies for the sail, and we enjoyed dancing and talking throughout the sail. Nick even introduced us to his crab dance, which had us doubled over in laughter.
Upon arriving in Statia, we were treated to fresh fish (we also caught a Mahi on the sail!) and squid tacos. The squid was an accidental purchase due to Carolyn and mine’s misunderstanding of French, but the galley crew led by Alaina rolled with it and delivered delicious calamari. We are all looking forward to our time in Statia, especially since we are going diving first thing in the morning!