Location: Ile Fourchue

This morning we continued learning how to navigate using a chart in MTE. We then put that information to use as we got ready for a student-led passage to Ill Fourchue. Even though it was only 5 miles, it was still fun to plan our route and set waypoints. Somehow all the waypoints end up getting named after Nick. This was our first student-led passage, where we got to pick the spot where we dropped anchor. It is pretty exciting to have a passage where the staff is only there to provide support, and it’s the students doing everything. In the afternoon, we had an optional dive, and only 8 of us decided to go on it, but it was worth it. The first group saw a reef shark, and it was the first shark any of us had seen all tip. There is something truly special about seeing a shark because they are able to swim effortlessly through the water. On top of seeing a shark, there were giant lobsters and barracuda as we drifted along with the current. Overall, it was a great day of sailing and diving.